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Sweet nothings to whisper into your ear, Newgrounds.

2009-05-07 13:03:44 by De-Line

Alright so, first order of business.

All at once i would like to thank Zombiepimp, Nogfish, LeafWorthy and Fleckogold for allowing me to be a part of this most epic collaboration. You guys clearly all have more to bring to the table then i do, and letting me have a flash alongside yours was pretty crazy. Glad ya did it though.

now to address you individually:

Zombiepimp, Seeing the WIP versions and your final versions (though very interesting) is almost useless to me because i can't understand how you go from sketchy shapes dancing around to these epic fight scenes. i must say the way you choreograph fight scenes, from the huge battle in 1000cats to the one on one against the king (bling? i think you said). you can really get a feel for the characters personality by the way they fight. (in this case a cocky prick)
probably one of the best flipping of the bird i have seen by the way.

Nogfish, the beginning of your submission reminded me of the flashbacks in Natural Born Killers (hope you've seen it) with the bright solid colors in a very dark setting. you did a good job in portraying how scared and futile the uberkid must feel. as well as just how pico can so casually mutilate the guy with no remorse. cause fuck those uberkids, NG commenters can say what they want about it being too sick. i think it's addequite treatment.

LeafWorthy, Loved the flash but that song was drilled solidly into my brain for days. The dancing synced with the music so incredibly well im pretty sure its part of the reason it was in my brain so deep. couldn't play the song in my head without it being accompanied by the first guy or obamas head pivot. by the way, you nailed Obama, especially with the smile, looked just like him. the style on each of your characters was great too, almost looked like samurai jack should cameo.

Fleckogold, you crazy crazy som'bitch. I can barely understand how you can make such a thing, so beautiful. Not only was it really funny, but i mean you must have had to draw some weird shit you can't exactly just go find a reference photo of. The actual transformation looked awesome. and how bouncy her boobies were was just funny. your character designs were really nice too, one of the most bad ass picos ive seen to date.
and just think of how many people, regardless of being alone at the time, shoved their penis back into their pants. Denying to themselves that that erection ever happened. cudos to you.

and not that anyone is really hoping for something new from me anytime soon, but to put all your worrisome little minds to rest, no i am not working on anything right now.

Thankyou all again, and thank you to all you reviewers out there who took the time to post "lol" in reference to my part. i hope they were heartfelt and genuinely represented what you were doing at the time.


Sweet nothings to whisper into your ear, Newgrounds.


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2009-05-07 19:15:49