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This was pretty good n everything

but my biggest laugh came from Woner33 .
I screen capped that.


Those were the most dimensional 2 dimensional shapes i've ever seen.

Samurai Jack > Afro samurai

I liked how you made up for the stick with having an excellent story. Also, i dont have anything against sticks so i love this. Awesome work.

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My winners...

Stamper-sabtastic are a collaberative win for the lolz
Vortex00 for the sexyness
Turkeyonastick for the epic art

This is a dream come true!

Except i use a Mac :( I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way, and just learn some action script. I hope to see some missed potential come out of this. I know that i personally have some ideas for games, but am just more into the art/concept/story part of games. Maybe i'll collab one day, but other artists have warned me of the perils of working with a programming. This makes me hope that a lot of people like me will be able to let out some brilliance.

DavidXN responds:

TGF2 should still run fine from a Windows environment on a Mac - it might be a decent way for you to get a foothold on some game writing concepts before you delve into code and start making your own from the ground up :) It's especially good for being able to sketch out concepts without getting too involved in minute details.

Really good game

Wow the end video is so worth playing through this NOT REALLY TOO HARD GAME.

i mean its kinda hard, but i beat it, only dying once. Also, when i played this on chrome the keyboard keys didnt work.

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do do do do dooo

you are the govnah of catchy town. you rule with a beat pounding fist. which only happens to be iron from a tragic encounter with a black smith, your actually quite a nice fellow.

i assume.

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Twisted Metal is one of my favorite series, and if you havent already, you should look into the new one coming out. Its the most exciting release (in my books) on new consoles.

Also i love the style of this, i knew this was sweettooth from the thumbnail, great work man.

this is really amazing,

i dont know how this is the first time i have seen this (renaenaes post) i'm really excited to have this beauty on my wall in the near future.

This is actual brilliant.

this is a really great idea for the calendar, my only suggestion would be throw in some broken glass shards with a motion blur on them. it would give it a much more dynamic feel and some more visual interest. great work.

i like to draw :)

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