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Drinking beer and Drawing.

2009-10-15 22:36:35 by De-Line

Guinness to be exact. can YOU think of something better!?

Drinking beer and Drawing.


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2009-10-15 22:47:35

Drinking beer and not drawing!

De-Line responds:

well while your drinking beer and NOT drawing, you could be more efficient n drink beer and liquor.


2009-10-15 23:05:24

Getting laid, drunk or not.

De-Line responds:

toosh-eh (phoenetics)


2009-10-15 23:26:46

Im gonna go with what the guys above said, mostly cuz i can't draw.

De-Line responds:

you should learn, it can help you get laid.


2009-10-15 23:34:17

Drinking beer and Drawing.

De-Line responds:

i know right!?


2009-10-16 00:49:35

a good combination

De-Line responds:

a STUPENDOUS combination.
your really good at fbf, i am envious.


2009-10-16 02:01:59

I'm to drunk to post an answer...

De-Line responds:

ohhh hohoho! i see what you did there!


2009-10-16 03:18:42

drinking beer, having sex AAAND drawing.

oh wait..

De-Line responds:

oh wait nothing, you sir are and genius.


2009-10-16 07:35:46

Looks good.
I know from history that many people get inspiratio by beer or alcoholic but I don`t think that beer can give my good ideas.
I love weed, and weed and drawings is the best thing !

De-Line responds:

i find alcohol exagerates whatever your feeling. so this would make sense.
artists and intoxicants seem to work hand in hand? im glad im apart of the field where drinking on the job is ordinary, and maybe even encouraged.


2009-10-16 14:40:33

Beer is for pussies

De-Line responds:

thats why i put it in my face, for bait.