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AWESOME christmas music!

2009-11-30 15:53:40 by De-Line

im about a 3rd way through a flash for the winter flash off, and i must say its look pretty good. when this is done it will be the most work ive put into a flash.
i was going to look for some generic christmas tunes, but thought id give the audio portal a try.
if anyone can recommend some christmas songs from the audio portal, comment the name or a link or pm me, whatever you wanna do

for reference my original idea was to use carol of the bells by the transsiberian orchestra for one part.

AWESOME christmas music!


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2009-11-30 17:56:40

"The Little Drummer Punk Droid"

Evil-Dog n/197011

Not sure if it'll work for you, but it's a great piece none-the-less.